Sunday Skin Care Fun!

I love making my own body care products. When I have time on the weekends I try to steam my skin and make a face mask that addresses whatever skin issues I’m experiencing. Lately, I’ve felt like my skin is clogged and could use a mask to remove the impurities. Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles is my favorite resource. The mask I am going to share today is from her wonderful book. I highly recommend doing this routine before bed, your skin will be a little red for awhile.

First Step: Cleanse Your Face

I like to use coconut oil to clean my face. Oils are great for removing impurities and bacteria from deep within the pores! I give myself a face massage with the oil, which is great for getting youthful, glowing skin! Next I use warm water to dampen a clean, soft towel and I gently wipe away the oil.

Second Step: Steam Your Face

You can prepare this before you wash your face so it is ready by the time you are done. There are plenty of great steam recipes in the book I mentioned but, I keep it simple and just add a handful of dried chamomile flowers and a drop or two of lavender essential oil  to a pot of distilled water and bring it to a boil. I let it steep for five minutes. While it is steeping I look up a meditation on the Stop, Breathe & Think App that is 10 minutes long. Then I find a towel and a comfortable place to sit, drap the towel over my head, shoulders, and the pot and listen to the prompts of the meditation. If you don’t want to use a meditation app, you can set a 10 minute timer and breathe deeply. Be careful not to have your head too close to the pot, about 10 to 12 inches works. Steaming your skin also makes it more radiant and dewy.


Third Step: Face Mask

You should choose a mask based on the needs of your skin. Today I chose a mask that is drying to suck out the impurities in my pores. The recipe is based on one from the afore mentioned book but I tweaked it to suit my preferences.

Green Goddess Purifying Clay Mask

1 tsp French green clay
1 tsp Activated charcoal
1 tsp Aloe Vera Jelly
2 drops Helichrysum essential oil
splash Rose water

In a small bowl, add the first four ingredients, slowly add the rose water until you form a smooth, spreadable paste. Apply to your face and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a drying mask so it will make your skin feel tight. Rinse when you are ready.


Fourth Step: Moisturize

This is very, very important step especially in the winter. My skin easily gets dry and flaky so I layer moisturizers. I’m not going to recommend any because honestly I have not found or made one I’m 100% satisfied with. First, I apply an eye cream, making sure to use my ring finger to dab it in. This skin is very sensitive and using your ring finger is the most gentle method. Then I apply a cream moisturizer to my face making sure to apply it in an upwards, sweeping motion and I don’t skip my neck! I let that soak in for a few minutes then I apply a nickel size amount of JoJoba oil.


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