A Quick Workout

I workout in the morning. That way I can get it out of the way and not have any excuses not to do it. I like circuit training because I can make countless variations to my workout and combine strength and cardio moves. This workout is quick, it takes about a half hour.

Warm Up

I like to warm up by taking my dog for a quick walk. You can get started by just moving your body lightly. Shoulder circles, boxer shuffle, or even lightly jogging are great warm up exercises. Do whatever feels good and picks up your heart rate a little.

Circuit 1

I like to do minute intervals, but sometimes it can be too challenging. Feel free to pick a time you are comfortable with. You can do this workout just body weight or use a pair of dumb bells. Pick a low weight for toning or a higher weight to build muscle! After each minute of exercise do 5 jump squats before you move onto the next exercise.

  1. 1 minute of jumping jacks
  2. 1 minute narrow squat with an upright row
  3. 1 minute bent over row with a tricep extension
  4. 1 minute of squats with alternating backwards lunges
  5. 1 minute of supermans


Circuit 2

  1. 1 minute of butt kickers
  2. 1 minute squat with alternating side leg raise and shoulder press
  3. 1 minute tricep dips
  4. 1 minute walking lunges
  5. 1 minute bicycle crunches

Circuit 3

  1. 1 minute high knees
  2. 1 minute squat hold with arm circles
  3. 1 minute lateral and ventral raises
  4. 1 minute plie squat with calf raises
  5. 1 minute upside down pendulum

Circuit 4

Bonus Round! This circuit can be done two ways. The first and more challenging was is to do the entire circuit on one side of your body then do the entire circuit again on the other side of your body. Or you can alternate sides and do this circuit one time through.

  1. 1 minute lateral jumps
  2. 1 minute Turkish get ups
  3. 1 minute single arm bent over fly
  4. 1 minute single leg bridge
  5. 1 minute standing oblique crunch

Phew! That was a lot of jump squats! If you aren’t familiar with any of the exercises you should be able to find instructions on the internet. I’m not a personal trainer but I like coming up with my own workouts. Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think!



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