Mediterranean Zucchini Noodle Pasta

I really can’t express fully how much I love my Veggetti, seriously get one! Its a great investment if you love pasta dishes but not all the calories. Today for breakfast we had the Pumpkin Pie Quinoa again that I made December 7th.



Alright! The recipe I linked for this dish called for it to be raw. In the summertime I would eat this raw but since it’s winter I decided to heat it up. As usual I didn’t follow the recipe.

First, I used my Veggetti to make the zucchini noodles. I heated a pan with a little more olive oil than I normally would use and sautéed an onion and three cloves of garlic. Yesterday I cooked up a pot of dried chickpeas so I had them ready for this dish. Use canned chickpeas if you’d prefer. I tossed in the chickpeas then topped them with cumin, paprika, salt and pepper. After a few minutes, I dumped in the noodles and made sure to really mix them in with the chickpeas, onions, garlic and spices. I drained a can of artichoke hearts, rough chopped them, then threw them in the mix. Then I took a handful of kalamata olives, rough chopped them and threw them in too. I also chopped up some fresh parsley and oregano and added it. I squeeze a quarter slice of lemon and added more salt and pepper to my pot before topping it with a lid and lowering my heat. I let this cook for roughly 8 minutes, stirring periodically.

I really love this dish! Feel free to add as much olive oil as you like or top it with feta cheese! I didn’t use cherry tomatoes because they are not in season right now but I would in the summer!



When I cook, I save most of my vegetable scraps for stock. I just keep a container of scraps in my refrigerator until I have enough for stock. I have saved so much money by not buying stock and I throw out less food by reusing my scraps. The scraps I can’t use for stock I compost in my back yard and the scraps that do get used for stock also end up in my compost pile. I’ll write a post about composting eventually but I really wanted to share how I make stock because I made some today while I was cooking the Mediterranean Zucchini Noodle Pasta.

I toss all my scraps into a big pot and fill it up with water. If I have any fresh herbs around I’ll toss them in too. I add a big pinch of salt and a couple dried bay leaves. I bring the pot to a boil then turn the heat way down low. Then I let it sit on low for a couple of hours. When it has cooked for a few hours and smells and looks amazing, I take it off heat and strain it into a air tight container. Then I pop it into my refrigerator until I need to cook with it!


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